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The Spam Bot here is over

2010-12-23 19:04:08 by NGReviewEater

Now it moves to SMBS 2008, and once that hits 100.00 news posts the bot will finally die!

Also the cock gallery mentioned in SMBS 2008 will be held here... once I get the pictures of the cocks.


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2010-12-23 19:40:30

If I were you I'd stop while I was ahead. You are a lot closer than you think to losing all of your accounts because of this stupid shit you're doing.

Just a friendly heads up, go ahead and don't listen to good advice.

It'll be funnier that way...

NGReviewEater responds:

...ok whatever you say.

Not like 2 additional news posts until 100 is going to kill me (AKA 20 more minutes).


2010-12-23 20:55:03

Wait, what's so many news posts for?

NGReviewEater responds:

Read the news post I linked to under "Contact Info".


2010-12-24 21:35:28

Merry Christmas!