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It's my birthday today!

2010-09-19 09:25:48 by NGReviewEater

And it's also "Talk like a Pirate" day as well!

What should I ask my parents to be for my birthday gift?

I asked for them an 8 GB SD card since I take a lot of photos, but I want to hear some more opinions before I make the final decision (and BTW and SD card can be a USB drive to computers that have an SD slot).

Today is my birthday...

2010-09-19 08:48:38 by NGReviewEater
Updated 12 more minutes.

So I'm still theoretically 15 as of this moment, but not for long...

So like I said in the last post, I won't be on today since I'm inviting my friends over for a mini-party (2 friends only). So we played some Monopoly, chess and a card version of Monopoly at my house for 3 hours, and then we went to a restaurant for dinner.

THE FUCKING ENTREE (fuck accents) TOOK 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, I bought the card version of Monopoly with me to the restaurant, so we were playing like motherfucking hell. We played like 12 games (which is quite unusual since in a day we cover like 2 games in school) and STILL the entree didn't come. We even tried to make the game longer than it should to be and still we were being impatient.

Like wow... just wow. We were cursing ourselves and were making jokes (like the kitchen went on fire) while playing the game.

But seriously, if you had NOTHING to play with and had to wait 150-180 minutes for the waiter/waitress to serve the main meal, what would you do?

Won't be on so much today

2010-09-18 15:05:16 by NGReviewEater

I'm having some people over here... so I won't be on that much here.


Since tomorrow is my birthday, what should I ask my parents to be my birthday present?

I already asked for an 8 GB SD card since I take lots of pictures, but I want to read other people's opinions.

Flagging is boring as fuck

2010-09-18 09:09:32 by NGReviewEater

Fucking Abusive Reviewers. Will they ever learn?


2010-09-17 15:41:34 by NGReviewEater


This one:

THAT IS MY MAIN ACCOUNT (yet I don't use it so much YET...). So no you're not spamming some stupid '10 user (actually you are since I'm mostly using a '10 account).

So far it has 1,800 comments (last I remembered it was 2,001 but I bet someone got deleted). We need 2,100 and see if it fails to load. There is a comment limit, but it has not been discovered... yet... also the spam comment can be like 4 letters long or the whole comment spammed; I don't care.

We know 2,300 comments can shut down a post completely from being loaded, so do not exceed that number.

THIS IS A LOT OF BANDWIDTH BEING USED, SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT REFRESH TOO MUCH. Let it load up ONCE and then spam from there. I have set the comments to APPROVED ONLY, so the scrolling crap won't occur. There is probably 10-20 MB of data in that news post, so if you have a limit on how much data/bandwidth you can use, then don't do this for it's a complete waste of your valuable bandwidth. Plus each comment submitted can range from 1 byte to 8 KB in uploading data.

Because it wastes valuable server space and bandwidth, I'll delete that post once it fails to load.

Here are my subjects I think are important for life:

- English (or whatever your native language is in your country) and the many segments of it (writing, reading, grammar, etc)

- Mathematics (all the way to Algebra 2 and Geometry... calculus I dunno if it's necessary)

- Health

- Cooking

Anything else?

The Blank Page

2010-09-13 20:28:02 by NGReviewEater

When writing an essay, when you open a new document you are confronted with a blank page.

Doesn't the blank page intimidate you?

It's like as if the blank page is mocking me that I have nothing to write and that I failed in writing.

But once I start conquering the blank page, I continue writing while beating the shit up until I come to a stopping point (be it the end of the paragraph or the whole essay).

Who feels the same way? Who feels a different way?


2010-09-11 11:07:21 by NGReviewEater

Yes guys it's back to the inbox spam again. Except I only need it done ONCE.


...with your main, alts and whatever. If you got access to any account, use them all to send 10 spam PMs to that inbox.

In EACH spam PM you send, you must have the following:

- Subject must be filled with "MMMMMMMMMM" until you can no longer put any more Ms in it
- The body must be flooded with "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" until you hit 0 characters

If you do not follow these your PMs may be deleted.

Pictures of how the spam PM should look like when I get them:
Spam_PM.png 1cd6d118479527b0033f4ec53c0b12

Again, spam the letter "MMM" in both fields until you can spam no more, and send it.

Today I will not be on, so you can send up to 10 PMs to that account and that's it (I won't be able to read them).


2010-09-11 09:47:56 by NGReviewEater

A garbage whistle???

Either I'm...

(A) Too harsh with my flagging


(B) Somebody is carelessly clearing flags with penalty

Time to stop flagging for good until shit cools down, whether it be the careless review mod or myself.