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Journal Entry #2

2010-01-22 16:52:52 by NGReviewEater

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What is YOUR philosophy of life?

Basically, what do you think life is?

Criteria: 3 sentences minimum

Again, take this question seriously, for what you think is probably the path you're going to take during your life. Put a lot of thought on your post.

Journal Entry #1

2010-01-21 17:23:46 by NGReviewEater

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What is the most important subject in life?

Criteria: 3 sentences

Be serious on this question. Put some thought in your post. The idea is to post it now, and then come back a few years later to see if your views have changed/see how you would react back then.

Asskissing: What is it to you?

2010-01-20 16:23:52 by NGReviewEater

Sorry for not keeping up with my 1 news post per day rate; a lot of work was holding me behind.

I have seen so many times on the NG BBS where if someone agrees with the mods or an admin, other BBS users say that agreeing user is "asskissing to the _______" where the blank is where the word mod/admin fits in. (Well, to be honest, I'm not surprised, since 99.9% of the BBS users are shit).

Usually this word fits for a user if they always, under every circumstance, agree with a mod. Like, for example, if Twilight always agrees or "sucks up" to Malachy (that's another phrase that is similar to "asskissing"), that is considered asskissing (which happens quite frequently).

But now (again, not surprised) it has gotten to the point that EVERY TIME a user agrees with a mod or admin, they post "asskissing" or "Way to kiss ________'s ass!" or something among those lines. Like wow, does the word "asskissing" now mean anything if it is used every time someone agrees with the mod? Just because someone has the same opinion as a mod (admins are mods too), also means that they are asskissing? Also there is another term called "brown nosing" which is a synonym of the aforementioned word.

Dicksucking or cocksucking are also similar synonyms to asskissing. And they are widely used on the BBS (again, not impressed due to the immaturity and retardation of the BBS user base).

So asskissing: What does that mean to you? And under what circumstance(s) do you think that adjective works best? Under what circumstance(s) do you think it does NOT work best/overused?


2010-01-17 18:16:31 by NGReviewEater

What does that (those) word(s) mean to you now?

Yes I am an unoriginal bastard for manipulating the previous post; shut up.

Like with people using "FUCKING IDIOT" or "Fuck this" or "Fucking lies", what does "fuck" really mean now?

The only time I think "fuck" has a meaning is when it is used in its disgusting way:

I am fucking with this girl.

In order words, fuck = to have sex (the actual literal meaning). In other cases, figuring out what "fuck" or "fucking" means can be vague, especially since better, more precise words (that don't fall under the profanity language department) can be used to replace "fuck" or "fucking".

So Newgrounds, what does "fuck" or "fucking" mean to you?
Also discuss/remark on how often it is irrelevantly used. Especially on NG.

Overused Words/Phrases That Have No Meaning

2010-01-16 15:54:14 by NGReviewEater

Here are some I can rattle off of my head:

Fuck you
Fuck this shit
Fucking [noun] (ie. fucking bitch)
This is the shit
This is shit
Fucking asshole
Fucking dumbass
You're a dick
This is bullshit
You're a bitch
Damn you
What a son-of-a-bitch
You're a cunt

...and more that I can't think of. Does anyone have any other phrases they think is overused and has no meaning?

With words like "fucking" being used often, other adjectives such as "stupid", "idiotic", "dumb", etc are now regaining their meaning. Using "fuck this shit" doesn't make you cool; it's not funny, it doesn't make you look awesome; it's stupid and unoriginal. Not to mention childish.

Now, does anyone have more words/phrases that are overused so often that it has no meaning now? Internet or in real life.

Requirements to use the NG Guide

2010-01-15 16:11:26 by NGReviewEater

1. A fast internet connection. The number of comments in each news post can cause a page to lag or take a long time to load. If you have slow internet, I suggest you only stay with the PDF file.

If you want to test your internet and computer/mobile/console to see if your internet can handle an interactive guides, pick one of the 3 spam news posts and see if you can load them 100%

2. A fast computer

Again, there is a lot of data

3. Good English

If you're not so good with English, you may have a little trouble understanding what's written in the news post. For the most part it is written in simple English for the people whom are not good at English, although complex vocabulary can rise.

Use Google Translate (online translators are almost never good as knowing the language in your head, but it's better than nothing) to translate stuff or the whole guide that you don't understsnd.

If Spanish is your native language then I may be able to help you out myself since I know (some) Spanish. However, I'm not fluent, so I still may make errors.

[Credit to Basset for helping me write that Spanish sentence out.]

4. Enthusiasm of learning

You're not going to get anything out of this if you don't have the enthusiasm to learn.

5. Good behavior

This only applies if you are going to post a comment in a guide post.

6. Posting Privileges

Everyone on NG begins with these, and if you break the rules or be an asshole you can be banned temporarily/permanently (at my discretion).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Preliminary Guide Index Goes Here

2010-01-13 20:53:32 by NGReviewEater

Table of contents
Index Page
Requirements of using the NG Guide
About the NG Guide
NG Guide Statistical Information
A small brief NG Guide History
About the creator
Why am I doing this?
The NG Guide Posting Rules
The Guide to use the NG Guide
The NG Guide Error Department
The NG Guide Complaints Department
NG Guide Feature/Idea suggestion department
NG Guide Assistance Department
NG Guide Critique/Feedback Department
NG Guide HTML testing Department
NG Guide Image Critique Department
NG Guide Moderation Department
Usage of the guide elsewhere on NG
The NG Guide Lounge
The comment posts
FAQ whatever
Frequently Asked Questions
Newgrounds Guide Hatemail Gallery
Various NG Guide Versions
List of covered topics
The Spam Posts
NG Guide Credits & Acknowledgements
A reminder