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New Account

2011-01-02 22:32:47 by NGReviewEater

This account is closed due to some very rigorous, yet slow, maintenance and upgrading. Any comments posted here or PMs sent to this inbox will not be replied to.

Send all comments and PMs to the account linked above only.


Happy New Year Day

2011-01-01 00:34:31 by NGReviewEater

Hello 2011, what do you have to offer?

Write your New Year's resolutions here.

5 minutes till 2011...

2010-12-31 23:55:30 by NGReviewEater

I'm going to miss 2010...

Also FUCKING ASS I can make another news post at 12 AM...

2010 is almost over...

2010-12-31 16:31:39 by NGReviewEater

Name the best moments in 2010 that you experienced.

For me it's the February 2010 East Coast Snowstorm of the Century (Northeastern USA). Jesus christ that was a lot of snow.

I just lost power...

2010-12-27 09:04:58 by NGReviewEater

What should I do now?

Fuck you blizzard.

Think about it.

A teacher announces a test, you go frantically memorize crap that you do not understand, you take the test without understanding the material but rather simply memorizing it, some people cheat on the test and teachers don't notice, you submit the test and you forget all the material you were tested on as if you never have seen the lesson.

That test accomplished absolutely nothing and just erroneously (carelessly) gave away free points or kill some scores.

And that's the only reason why a test is there. Because even if everyone fails a test the teacher moves on to a new unit without reviewing the concept students have failed in.

The American education system is absolute horse shit. I have another theory that half of all the all-A students in a school are simply good cheaters rather than being smart (but they are retarded except in cheating). So the guy who has a C- is probably a legitimate genius who got shat on by this education system as opposed to an A student who took advantage of the shitty system and cheated, learned nothing, copied other people's homework because they were too lazy to do it (I know one guy who did that to me, and he has an A while I have a B-) and put no effort at all.

They really need to re-work this system, for I know one out of every 2 A students got their A by some method of cheating or using non-faithful method.

Think about it. Post your thoughts if you like to.

A theory: What do you think?

2010-12-24 13:17:44 by NGReviewEater

I have a theory that:

A half-assed effort at doing something is better than putting no effort at all.

Do you agree or disagree?

The most common example is rushing a homework assignment; you won't get full credit since you rushed it, but you will get partial credit since you put SOME effort into it, even though it was a half-assed effort.

A half-assed effort supports the idea that Something is better than nothing. (And that can be a theory itself.)

The Spam Bot here is over

2010-12-23 19:04:08 by NGReviewEater

Now it moves to SMBS 2008, and once that hits 100.00 news posts the bot will finally die!

Also the cock gallery mentioned in SMBS 2008 will be held here... once I get the pictures of the cocks.

1000th post...

2010-12-23 18:58:57 by NGReviewEater

Now spam bot goes to SMBS.


2010-12-23 18:22:36 by NGReviewEater